All too often we found that a visit to a local establishment meant you were expected to dine and depart. Turning tables and herding you through like cattle was their goal. We at Richard’s wanted to create an environment where time was just a distant thought. Where you could get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Drift off, if you wish, into another world.

In June 1996 Richard’s Fine Coffees opened the area’s first coffeehouse.

Located in downtown Winter Haven, Florida we found an area that was in the early stages of enormous growth with beautiful parks and open space. We wanted to be a part of this. After eight years of watching the downtown grow we found we also needed to grow. We had the fortunate opportunity to enter a partnership with the city and become a part of the fabulous new public library they were building on the park. In July 2004 we relocated our café to that very site. Sitting on a corner of the library one can view the wonderful parks, sculptures and beautiful fountains the city has to offer.

Today we continue to maintain the traditional values of hard work and the attention to detail that are essential to providing coffees of distinction. Where people can gather to share good conversation, good music and great coffee, we at Richard’s hope to offer you moments in time that will not be forgotten.